Autumn leaves (foliage) on trees in Litchfield CT (Connecticut)
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Fall Foliage 2007 Archive

November 19, 2007 The waning days of this foliage season still offer attractive sunset views. And despite the forecast, the weekend provided a small amount of sun instead of rain and snow.

Nature photography:  Late autum sunset light on the last leaves.

November 16, 2007 Your assignment this weekend: find a rounded hilltop with beautiful orange and intense red leaves. Revisit it at sunset. Even though we're in the final stages, there are pockets of intense color out there. Despite the breeze, the weekend should offer yet another opportunity to see this year's prolonged display. This leaf was moist from yesterday's rain.

Intense color.  Red leaf on moss.  Nature photography.

November 15, 2007 After a couple of dull days, a remarkably vivid display today on a very rainy day. It seems that many of the early-turning (now brown) leaves have dropped. That allows the remaining leaves to show their orange and, most vivid, yellow colors without the dulling of the earlier brown.

Buttery yellow and orange foliage on a country road in Litchfield County Connecticut.

The best colors are in pockets, surrounded by areas of bare trees.What can you say? Like butter.

Yellow autumn foliage along a country road in Litchfield County.

November 12, 2007 What leaves are left are at the orange/brown stage. With sunshine on Saturday and Sunday this was the weekend of the orange glow at sunset. Gorgeous.

The orange glow of foliage in Litchfield Connecticut

November 9, 2007 We woke to tiny snowflakes. Bundle up and enjoy the end of this year's show. And don't forget to look for the orange glow at sunset this weekend.

Church steeple with autumn leaves.

November 8, 2007 This could be the last good weekend of the foliage season. With the loss of so many leaves, it's important that no storms are due. One of the highlights at this stage is the warm glow of distant hills around sunset. If you've seen the effect at Sunset Crater in Arizona you can imagine the glow of predominantly orange foliage.

An maple showing vivid autumn orange.

November 7, 2007 Although there are many bare trees, you can find plenty of color outside the colder valleys. The stage now is orange, and there's lots of it.

An maple showing vivid autumn orange.

November 6, 2007 Despite the weekend wind and rain from tropical storm remnants, followed by additional rain this morning, there are still quite a few leaves left. But there are also many bare trees. Color, in aggregate, is at the yellowish-orange stage. A positive development is that some oaks are now showing their best color of the season. This vivid one could easily be mistaken for a maple.

Brightly colored oak tree foliage.

November 2, 2007 More frost. Finally some color in oak leaves. Plenty of leaves left. Plenty of color. Forecast for winds and showers tomorrow. How many leaves will we lose?

colorful oak leaf with frost

November 1, 2007 It's a duller day. But mild. For right now, there's much beauty on the "micro" scale of individual leaves.

leaf on birch log

October 31, 2007 Monday's frost was the hardest. Even trees that have stubbornly stayed green by today were showing a touch of color. The full rainbow of colors remains available.

A rainbow of colors.

October 29, 2007 The first significant frost today.

first frost

And after the winds kicked up following the passage of the cold front yesterday more leaves are down. Particularly red and orange. So the look is a bit duller with greens and yellows backed by more bare trees in some places; vivid color elsewhere.

foliage along dirt path

With today's frost (and another predicted for tomorrow) I'm tempted to go out on a limb [n.p.i.] and predict a second peak as the new cold temperatures push the remaining green leaves (and there are many) into color at the same time.

visiting Litchfield -- thermometer, first frost

October 27, 2007 It's a rainy day, but the wind is gentler than forecast. So all is well. In fact, it's quite lovely. Monday morning has the potential to bring the first widespread frost of the season. So it looks like this will be the week to savor every moment!

visiting Litchfield -- foliage by the road in the rain 2007

October 26, 2007 We've entered the "late peak" stage with a continuation of the wide spread -- all the way from green to bare -- still in evidence. But the number of bare trees is growing, particularly in colder valley areas. Everything now depends upon the weather; specifically wind. One stormy day has the potential to do a lot of aesthetic damage.

foliage by the road

October 20, 2007 Peak colors are here! All indications are that it will be a broad peak. Colors now range from green to bare.

October 14, 2007 Pink. That elusive color. There are hints of it in maple leaves...occasionally.

pinkish maple leaf

But to see a really pretty pink color, most of the time you have to look elsewhere.

pink leaf

October 12, 2007 It's not just maples. One of this year's highlights is the color that can be seen in other varieties. An unusual sight is the brighter yellow in some chestnut tree leaves, which often go directly to brown.

chestnut tree leaves

Even linden...

linden tree leaves

and hickory trees...

hickory nut

are showing some attractive yellow zones -- and a great crop of nuts in the case of the hickory trees. No luck with oak, however; just lots of brown.

October 2, 2007 A unique aspect of this season is the common juxtaposition of some early-turning areas of red with much of the remainder of the tree still green.

red and green leaves

September 20, 2007 Yesterday and today brought us the first morning temperatures that dipped into the 30's. No significant color yet.